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The Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Hedging – Futures

This article is the first in a series where we will be exploring the most common strategies used by oil and gas producers to hedge their exposure to crude oil, natural gas and NGL prices.   In the energy markets there are six primary energy futures contracts, four of which are traded on the New York

Learn The Value Of Steel & Its Trading Prospects In 2020

Why is Steel Valuable? Steel is one of the most important metals used worldwide in the construction and engineering industries. It is an alloy made up mostly of iron and containing smaller amounts of carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and oxygen. Its relatively low cost and strong physical properties make steel a popular choice for

What is the difference between Shipping & Logistics?

WHAT IS SHIPPING? Before understanding the differences between shipping and logistics, it is first important to understand the definition of shipping. Simply put, shipping is the transferal or movement of goods from one place to another. There are many different types of shipping including: hazmat shipping for the movement of dangerous goods as well as same day shipping for the expedited